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The recent announcement by China’s largest automotive-battery maker that it is ready to manufacture batteries capable of powering a vehicle for 1.2 million miles (two million kilometres) over a 16-year lifespan could give an added impetus to the growth of electric vehicles (EVs).   Read More

Keeping up with credit card bills will remain a key priority for many Canadians as the economy continues to reel from the financial ramifications of the pandemic and the months-long lockdown.   Read More

Canadian banks have cut credit card interest rates to ease the financial toll that Covid-19 is taking on people and businesses.   Read More

Air travel has practically come to a halt as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to paralyze the global economy and the tourism industry alike.   Read More

Insurance companies have offered various relief measures to consumers as the pandemic-triggered, work-from-home arrangement continues to put a lid on the volume of traffic on roads.   Read More

With the rising incidence of severe weather events brought about by climate change, Canada is likely to see more springs floods that can exact a heavy financial toll on people and businesses alike.   Read More

Although private mortgage lenders will almost certainly have higher rates than the major banks, borrowers can expect some variance. In this piece we’ll explore how private mortgage lender rates are determined and how you can score a better rate!   Read More

Losing your job before your renewal can be stressful, but in most cases you will have options available to you. If you’ve recently become unemployed and aren’t sure of how it will impact your mortgage renewal, this article will be a helpful resource for you.   Read More

A home is one of the largest single purchases you will ever make in your lifetime. In addition to the price of the home itself, there are several other costs associated with purchasing a home. We will closely examine what closing costs are, what costs are included and the kinds of costs you will be responsible for in each province or territory. We will also take a look at the rebates and incentives available to first-time homebuyers.   Read More

People are always looking for convenient things in life, and that often applies to financial products like mortgages. An open mortgage allows you to prepay any amount of your mortgage principal at your convenience without having to pay a penalty. But is it right for you?   Read More