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A home is one of the largest single purchases you will ever make in your lifetime. In addition to the price of the home itself, there are several other costs associated with purchasing a home. We will closely examine what closing costs are, what costs are included and the kinds of costs you will be responsible for in each province or territory. We will also take a look at the rebates and incentives available to first-time homebuyers.   Read More

People are always looking for convenient things in life, and that often applies to financial products like mortgages. An open mortgage allows you to prepay any amount of your mortgage principal at your convenience without having to pay a penalty. But is it right for you?   Read More

The mortgage stress test has placed stress on many would-be homeowners since its implementation early last year. But recent changes to the test’s format will make it a bit easier on homeowners.   Read More

As an increasing amount of condominium buildings are populating Toronto’s skyline, buyers are getting in on the action. For a (sometimes hefty)  price, you too can live in the city’s downtown core in a unit of your own in one of many built or soon-to-be-built towers.   Read More

When most homeowners get their first mortgage, it is usually a conventional mortgage. But conventional mortgages aren’t the only option available on the market. Some people choose to get a collateral mortgage instead.   Read More

While a traditional mortgage is usually the first choice of homebuyers, there are often instances where that option might not accessible or available to you. In those cases, you may have to approach private mortgage lenders in order to get your mortgage.   Read More

When your mortgage term is nearing its expiration, you will need to renew it for a new term if there is still a balance remaining on it. The mortgage renewal process provides you with an opportunity to reassess your current mortgage product in relation to your financial standing and goals.   Read More

Mortgages are a big commitment. Both you and the lender are legally bound to the mortgage for the duration of the term. But there are cases where you may consider breaking your mortgage contract. How exactly can you get out of a mortgage without a penalty, and if so, is it worth it? Read on to find out.   Read More

When your mortgage term is close to expiration and the principal is still not paid off, you must renew the mortgage. You can either renew it with your current lender or move it to a different one. What happens if you don’t renew your mortgage with your lender?   Read More

A method designed to help keep Canadian homeowners on the right track financially with their mortgages may actually be doing more harm than good.   Read More