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If you’re looking for the best credit card in Canada for your needs, is here to help. Our resources and tools will let you compare all the best credit cards in Canada in one convenient place. Whether you’re looking for cashback, rewards or travel we’ll help you narrow down the right card. We feature cards from major Canadian networks such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Our site is completely free to use with no commitments or obligations, just click and compare. Check out some of our best credit card offers below:

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As you delve into using credit cards, you'll want to know which credit cards will help you make money while you build up a solid credit score. Many credit cards come with benefits and rewards that you can enjoy once you've used your new card on the right purchases. At, you will get to choose from the best banks in Canada and be privy to all the perks that come with the credit cards they offer.

Things to Consider

The best thing about credit cards in the current landscape is that there's a card for just about everyone. Whether you are a student, an avid traveller, or you simply want to collect rewards and recoup some of your spendings, there is a card tailored to your specific need. However, there are several factors to ponder when evaluating the best credit cards around.


Some credit cards in Canada don't charge annual fees, allowing you the full convenience of having it. Other banks issue their cards while charging a yearly fee but will usually waive it for the first year, either for a limited time or with spending incentives.

There can be additional fees should you decide to add a supplementary cardholder. Furthermore, if you love to travel, foreign transaction fees can be an added expense, with credit card companies charging a percentage of every dollar you spend in foreign currency. However, there are several international and elite cards available that let you do online banking, make e-commerce purchases, and shop abroad without adding a cost, so do your research.

Interest Rates

Most credit card annual interest rates tend to be 19.99% for purchases and 22.99% for cash balance transfers. However, as a sign-up bonus, some cards come with an introductory interest rate, where you pay a low rate or none whatsoever. Always check what the increased rate will become once that initial period concludes.


Many cards come with minimum income eligibility requirements set by a clause in the Canadian Code of Conduct. For premium cards such as World, World Elite, or Infinite cards, you will find that you must have a minimum income of $60,000 or higher. If you’re a student, whose income-making abilities aren't as powerful, there are a myriad of no annual fee cards that don't require you to be making income to qualify.

Compare and Contrast

On, you'll have an abundance of credit card choices with the amount of information available. There are rewards and Air Miles cards that let you redeem points for travel, cash, and other perks once you use them at grocery stores, gas stations, and other outlets. You'll also find cash back cards that allow you to regain a small percentage of what you've spent. There are business cards that afford you discounts while regulating employee purchasing power, and many others.

You can compare credit cards from American Express, MasterCard, or Visa, and then choose your process, view the eligibility details, and apply. It's as simple as that.

Consider all of your options on, and figure out which card matches your spending habits and goals the best. Search your ideal credit card today!