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Compare Canadian Mortgage Rates is a leading online Mortgage comparison platform. Our resources, calculators and mortgage brokers are here to provide you with the best mortgage rates across Canada. Whether you’re looking for a fixed rate, variable rate, refinance or home equity line; our brokers and agents can help. Our website is free to use with no commitments or obligations.

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Using the mortgage comparison platform that provides, you can decide which financial plan works best as you cover the costs for your home. You can explore mortgage-specific entities to choose from such as Verico House of Mortgage Experts and Loewen Group Mortgages, or examine plans that established banks like the Bank of Montreal have on offer. If you're already a homeowner or one in waiting, this is the site you need to assess which path fits your budget the best.

On Your Terms

Using the calculators that provides, you can determine the length and type of commitment you want to make for your first or next mortgage. Terms are available within the range of one to ten years, with fixed and variable rate mortgages. In Canada, for first-time homeowners more than anyone else, a five-year fixed term is the most popular mortgage term chosen. This preference exists because this type of term tends to be the longest you can get with competitive rates. Plus, they allow you to lock in an interest rate for a long time in the cheapest way possible.

However, if you’re more willing to take on a variable rate, that’s fine too, with the Bank of Montreal and others providing the best terms for that type of mortgage. Feel free to choose whether you prefer a closed or open mortgage and you can search across every province. All your mortgage inquiries are just a couple of clicks away from being answered.

Seamless Submission

Once you've sorted out the particulars that you're seeking, you will be provided with a list of options and can start interacting with whichever financial entity best meets your requirements.

As you decide on a rate, you can fill out a form outlining the reason for your rate inquiry and your budget. With some banks, you will be redirected to their respective websites where you can submit all your information and get in contact with their mortgage advisors.

From there, you can negotiate if it makes the most sense to pay monthly payments or fees going forward. Or, you can pay using the annual percentage rate, a yearly rate of interest including all costs used to acquire the mortgage loan.

At, you can get in touch with various brokers and agents who can help you get familiar with all the necessary details, and they will advise you on the best course of action to take. Getting a mortgage is a life-changing decision that will affect you and your loved ones. Let the professionals guide you to make sure you don't get taken advantage of during such a high stakes process. You can save money and even receive special offers by connecting with the right people to evaluate the most cost-efficient mortgage options nationwide.

When all the facts and figures are laid out in such a detailed manner and without restrictions, making your mortgage decision will feel more comfortable. You don't need any hassle and will make this as easy for you as you could bargain for. Get your search going right away!

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